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Wireless Solutions for System Integrators

As a system's integrator, you have your own products or systems developed (or in development) and are looking for ways to increase revenue or enhance your product's value proposition.

  • We Have What You Need
    Whether you are interested in Monnit's wireless sensor hardware offering, our iMonnit™ online wireless sensor monitoring, or both, Monnit is flexible enough to provide you with the right solution.

    You don't have to build it all yourself. Do what you do best, and leave the rest to us. Monnit makes it easy and cost effective to private label our wireless sensors, wireless gateways, and our iMonnit™ online wireless sensor monitoring and notification system.

  • Revenue Generation
    Monnit shares revenue with integrator's that are interested in integrating with the iMonnit™ online wireless sensor monitoring system. Please contact a Monnit sales representative for additional detail.

  • Advantages
    Implementing Monnit's wireless sensors and/or monitoring software and services gets you:
    • Decreased time to market and quick implementation
    • Reduced time and cost in R&D, manufacturing, testing and support
    • Less divergence from your core competencies (focus)
    • Expert, direct support from our Monnit team

Developing your own solution from the ground up takes time and money!
Why not use our ready built, low-cost wireless sensing and alerting solution?

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Monnit allows you to private label our complete finished solution for selling to your customers.
Partner with a company that has the products your customers need. We currently have over 48 different sensor types available.
Do you have an existing product that you would love to make "Smarter"? Our sensors easily integrate to enhance your products.
Monnit Partner Portal
As a Monnit partner, we provide you with everything you need to be successful selling Monnit remote monitoring solutions.

Why Should You Partner With Monnit?
  • Ready Built Solution
    Save time and money with a complete ready built platform. Why build your own system when you can use a complete, low-cost, tried and tested solution from Monnit?
  • Make It Your Own With Private Labeling
    White label sensors, gateways and software with your own private brand.
  • Own The Data
    Generate recurring revenue by providing data collection and monitoring services to your customers.
  • Robust Wireless Products with Exceptional Range
    Monnit sensors are being used by some of the most demanding industries. Our products have a 250' - 300' wireless range which is expandable with a wireless Repeater.